Air Plant Care

  • Sunlight - Place in gentle sunlight. In the winter, fall, and spring it is okay form your Air Plant to receive strong sunlight, but, avoid direct summer sunlight. Extreme sunlight exposure could weaken the plant and burn the leaves. If you place the air pant outside, make sure it is placed somewhere that has filtered semi shade. 
  • Ventilation - They LOVE a natural breeze. Ventilation is equally as important as sunlight. Air Plants acclimate easier to indoor environments and can be enjoyed indoors for a long time, but, if your air plant seems to not thrive indoors it's normally due to ventilation. Make sure to open a window once a day for at least 30 minutes to let them get a natural breeze and refresh the air. 
  • Water - Air plants can cope in dry conditions, but, they are actually water loving plants. They do not like for water to collect and sit on their leaves for extended periods of time though, so, I recommended after watering, shake them off so they are not weighed down. They absorb moisture through their leaves. From spring to fall, water daily. Dusk through the night is the best time for watering. Air plants have pores that open at night to absorb that moisture. Its fine for them to be out in the rain, but during the winter nights, the water can get too cold and can damage the plant, so morning waterings would be better. If Air Plants are placed in a dry, warm room, water them twice a week.