What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is a mini-garden or mini eco-system that can even be in fully sealed jars or enclosures.  

What is the Plant Lab?

The Plant Lab is our DIY terrarium crafting area/activity space.  We provide colored sand, decorative figurines, colored pebbles, tools, and highest quality soils for you to create your own terrarium or re-pot your plants and give your plant babies the happiest of homes to change up your space.

How much is the Plant Lab?

We charge a $2.50 Plant Lab fee or $5.00 depending on the size of the terrarium or pot/planter.  That fee is in addition to the price of the plant you pick and the price of the planter or terrarium.  

Can I have a party at the store?

We make our space available for private parties or events after business hours for $25 per hour.  We have had birthday parties, networking events, organization meetings, and team building events at our store for an idea of what it can be used for.  Contact us and we can pick out a terrarium and plants for everyone to build together and stick to a price range, or let your guests pick their own and we'll assist as the party goes.  

Can I bring food or drinks?

We have extra tables and chairs available.  Any snacks, refreshments, or alcohol will need to be provided by you but we can provide an area to set them up at.  We will not serve alcohol, check id's, or be responsible for anything concerning the distributing or consumption of any food or beverages provided by you.

Do I have to book a party to build a terrarium?

Absolutely not.  We recommend the party for groups of 6 or more or anyone wanting a more private experience to socialize or network while making a terrarium or potting some plants.  Other than that, anytime we're open is a perfect time to come get creative and adopt a new plant baby.

Is that a rug behind the counter?

No, that's our Golden Retriever Wesson.  He's quite frequently mistaken for a rug but he's just resting.....always.  Wesson is older, almost 10 and has hip dysplasia so we just let him rest.  He literally waits by the car every morning wanting to come to the store just to lay down all day.  We think that he wants a break from either Max our 2 year old Great Pyrenees, Bella the 11 year old Yorkie, or our bunnies Oreo and Pepper.  Not sure which but if we don't bring him to work he pouts all night when we get home.